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Spag Squash

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

roasted tomato. garlic and onion ground turkey sauce with spaghetti squash


- spaghetti squash

- tomatoes

- fresh garlic

- white onions

- salt

- pepper

- balsamic vinegar

- ground turkey

- olive oil

- fresh basil

to prepare spaghetti squash:

cut in half

remove seeds

place face down in baking sheet

roast for 40mins at 375F

cool and remove with a fork

home made tomato sauce:

- fresh tomatoes

- peeled garlic

- sliced onions

- olive oil

- salt

- balsamic vinegar

roast ingredients in cast iron skillet

brown ground turkey in pan with olive oil, salt & pepper

add fresh basil & more balsamic vinegar to roasted veggies in bowl

blend with an immersion blender

add ground turkey to sauce

serve over spaghetti squash

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